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Duvets & Quilts

We offers a wide range of choice in duvets from soft filling to density in luxurious 100% cotton outer shell fabrics to suit every persons need. The ultra soft fibres and unique stitching pattern used restricts migration of fibres & removes cold spots. Duvet remains soft and cosy for long. It drapes around the contour of the body to provide a healthy and refreshing sleep every day. It requires easy maintenance.

The soft touch micro fibre cover duvet is a practical white duvet that you can just throw around your shoulders for comfort, or onto your double bed. This duvet is non-allergenic and is suitable for people who suffer from allergies. This duvet is machine washable at 40ºC and can be tumble dried.

Apart from Normal Duvet we also have Anti Bacterial Duvets which comes with dual protection. The 100% cotton outer shell fabric contains evenly applied protective treatment & inner filling comprises of antimicrobial fibres.
The dual treatment prevents growth of bacteria & other allergens. Needless to say that the result is bedding that is sleep inducing & appealing.

Buyers can have a large variety of duvet covers to choose from that are the result of a careful choice between design and fabrics in line with fashion dictates. The color combinations and the patterns used to fabricate duvet covers almost fit any decoration, any style.

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